Want to see what your assignments will be before posting them? The Preview feature allows you to see ahead of time each and every assignment, and which platoons are impossible. When you're ready to post, simply use the regular submit button like always.

How to see a preview

Once all the requirements have been filled out, the green Submit button will become active. It brings up the settings dialog, and at the bottom of the dialog you'll see the Preview button.

Click or tap it to see exactly what the assignments are going to be before posting.

Possible / Impossible Results

If a platoon or squadron is identified as possible, you will know because the assignments will completely fill the platoon, and the number of achievable TP for that platoon will be highlighted in green.

If it's impossible, you will know because there will be no assignments added, and the TP will be highlighted in red because that amount is not achievable.

Multiple Previews

This feature is somewhat underdeveloped. If you want to run previews and change things and re-run previews, please keep the following things in mind:

  • All assignments that have been entered to the screen (manually, automatically by preview, or automatically by platoon screenshot upload) will be honored by the platoon assigner without question. It assumes that if an assignment is on the screen, the user wants it that way and only wants to see possible assignments on currently empty slots.

  • Ignoring a platoon and re-running a preview will not change any of the previous assignments, due to the reason above. For a true re-run of a preview, please also remove all player assignments and then re-run the preview.

  • It is possible to remove assignments from the screen, thus freeing them up to be assigned by the preview. See this article for more information:

pageClearing Player Assignments

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