TB Platoon Assigner

The TB Platoon Assigner is the most popular tool on EchoBase. Prepare to relax during your next TB.

Achieve maximum platoon efficiency with this tool. After you enter in your guild's unique platoon requirements, the guild's entire roster will be read and sorted by power, guaranteeing that the most efficient donations can be made to fill the requirements.

You can upload screenshots of platoon requirements! Supports standard file uploads and also drag-n-drop for desktop users. For EchoStation bot users, assignments can be sent directly to guild members in their own private message.

  • Assignments sent directly to the member (requires EchoStation bot)

  • Personalized @mentions so guild members can be tagged with their assignments

  • EchoStation's eb.donationpreference command allows guild members to prioritize their own collections

Platoon Assigner Home

This is a visual reminder of which tool you are currently using. It is also a link that will take you back to the landing page for the Platoon Assigner.

Battle Picker

This dropdown will allow you to choose between all possible Territory Battles. The Rebel Alliance symbol is used to represent the LS TB, Rebel Assault. The Galactic Empire symbol is used to represent the DS TB, Imperial Retaliation.

Phase picker

This dropdown will allow you to choose between all possible phases of the chosen battle.

Displayed underneath each option in the dropdown is the list of factions that will not be available as platoon requirements, if any.

Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a flyout menu that can act as a reminder of how you can rapidly fill out your assignments using only your keyboard.

Using a keyboard

This menu option is not available on smaller screens, due to the likelihood that small mobile devices are not equipped with a keyboard. However, the shortcuts themselves will always work.


Click this link to return to this documentation.


This button will prompt you to confirm all of your settings before creating assignments.

This button will be disabled until 100% of the platoons on the screen are either filled out or ignored. You can use the progress bar inside each mission header to find missing requirements.

Quick Setup

New to the TB Platoon Assigner? These are the important things you need to know, and how to learn more about each.

Choose your phase

Choose the battle and phase that you would like to run assignments for. This will influence what is shown in the platoon assigner. You should see the complete layout of your chosen phase, including mission labels.

Choosing a Phase

Fill out the requirements

There are several ways to fill out the platoon requirements. Filling out the requirements manually will take a long time, but will be very quick and easy doing it the automatic way.

Since P1 - 3 have static requirements, you won't have to fill in those! EchoBase fills them in automatically.

Automatic EntryManual Entry

Submit the requirements

Once all assignments are filled, the green Submit button should become accessible. After clicking it, you will be prompted to confirm your settings before the assignments are sent to Discord.


Select your Discord destination

If you are using the EchoStation bot, this step is very easy. Simply select a channel in the provided dropdown.

Discord Channel

Otherwise, you'll be prompted to enter a Webhook URL. This is the way to submit assignments to Discord without using a bot.

Webhook URL

Submit for assignments

Once a Discord Channel or a Webhook URL is chosen, you can now confirm your settings by clicking the green Submit button at the bottom of the settings window.

After assignments have been posted in Discord, you should receive a success message indicating that it is finished.


You can now go see your platoon assignments!

Advanced Features

Need to omit some guild members from receiving assignments?

Want to erase some requirements?

Clearing Requirements

Want to skip certain platoons instead of filling them out?

Ignoring Platoons

Need to specify your own assignments for some of the platoons?


Want to give your guild members the ability to influence the assignment algorithm by specifying which toons to keep for CMs or give away to platoons?


Want to set up guild members to receive @mentions with their assignments?

Include @mentions

Want to set up guild members to receive a personal Direct Message with their assignments in it?

Send DMs to each member

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