See the status of a Discord User's registered account, including Ally Code, Discord Registration and Unit Donation Preferences.

Command Definition

eb.status [@Someone or <@DiscordID> {limit 50}]











eb.status @DiscordUser

eb.s @DiscordUser



eb.status <@12345678901234678>

eb.s <@123456789012345678>

@mention1 @mention2


eb.status @DiscordUser1 @DiscordUser2

eb.s @DiscordUser1 @DiscordUser2

help status s

When using the @Someone option, make sure you have their "Real" Discord Handle in case your Server changes the nicknames to match their User Account in SWGoH.

Where to Find Discord User Information

Discord Handle

Find the Member's name in the Discord Server's Members List and Left Click on the Member Once. Below the profile picture, you will find the Discord Handle you will need.


To find the DiscordID, once again, locate the Member's name in the Discord Server's Members List and Right Click on the Member. The Last option in the Drop Down List is to Copy ID.

You Must have Developer Mode enabled for this option to appear in the Drop Down List. Instructions for enabling it from a computer can be found below.

How to Enable Developer Mode

At the Bottom Left of your screen, you will see your Discord Name. Click on the Gear Icon next to your name to access User Settings.

Next, Click on the option for Appearance on the left menu. In the new list of options, under Advanced, you should see the Toggle for Developer Mode.

Why Use this Command?

This Command with give you the User's Ally Code along with their Donation Preferences (if any). The result will tell you how many units a person set to keep or give. This will give user's an idea as to the preferences of their Guild Mates and give Officers the ability to reevaluate Donation Preferences in the future.

Status Display

The Display will show the User's Donation Preferences along with their Ally Code and the Discord User's Registered Account.

If trying to search Multiple Discord Users, you will not be shown who is giving or keeping specific units. As shown below.

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