Webhook URL


Webhook URLs are passageways into your guild's Discord server. They allow EchoBase the ability to post assignments to one of your channels without needing a bot to do it.

For more information about what a Webhook URL is, see this Discord article.

Since the EchoStation bot can post assignments on its own, this feature will not show up once you've added the bot to your Discord server and registered your guild with it.

Add a new Webhook URL

  • Click or tap Add a new Webhook URL

  • Enter a name for the URL of your choice. This will often match the name of the channel your webhook is tied to.

  • Enter the URL. Because these URLs are long, I highly recommend pasting the URL instead of typing it out by hand.

  • Save or Cancel

After saving a new URL, it will show up in the list.

Select a different Webhook URL

Use the radio buttons on the right to choose between possible webhooks.

Edit a Webhook URL

  • Click the Edit icon to enter into edit mode.

  • The webhook being edited is highlighted and its values are populated in the inputs below.

  • You can edit the name or the URL itself.

  • Save to confirm your changes, or Cancel to cancel your changes.

Delete a Webhook URL

  • Use the trash can icon to delete a webhook.

  • A confirmation notification will appear, and the webhook will no longer appear in the list.

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