Set the donation preference of a player's unit. The set preference will always be honored unless overriding it is necessary to make a platoon possible.

/donation-preference player

To run this command for yourself, omit the ally-code parameter. Otherwise, this parameter can be used to run this command on behalf of someone else.

To set a preference, fill out both the preference and the unit-names parameters. Leave one or both of them blank to run a report instead.

Have you ever wanted a way to have some control over the assignments you receive? These three options will allow you to influence EchoBase's assignment algorithm to stay away from the units you don't want to donate, and to favor the ones that you do:

give = ALWAYS assign this unit if possible.

default = Remove any donation preferences for this unit.

keep = NEVER assign this unit if possible.

EchoBase's job is to complete as many platoons as possible. Units that are listed as "keep" are not ignored completely, and will be assigned as a last resort only.

When specifying the unit or faction name, there are several ways to match a character:

  • Exact match

  • Partial match (e.g. Hera, Maul, Cody, etc.)

  • Common nicknames (e.g. hoda, scav rey, st han, etc.)

  • Acronyms (e.g. QGJ, JKA, RG, etc.)

  • Ignore special symbols (e.g. ig88, r2d2, Qira, etc.)


  • Minimal typos

In addition to the above, ships may be identified by their pilots by typing:

  • <pilot name>'s ship (e.g. Wedge's ship, rey's ship, spy's ship, etc.)

Also, factions can be identified by using the :file_folder: emoji before the faction name:

  • :file_folder: Jawa (to not be confused with the unit named Jawa, for example)

Multiple units or factions can be specified - just separate each one with a comma:

  • Jawas, clone wars Chewie

Setting up a donation preference for someone else via their ally code is restricted to those with an Echo Role only.

Why use this command?

The driving factor for creating this feature is the fact that every unit that is donated to platoons cannot be used in a CM battle. Therefore, this feature is particularly useful for the guild members at the top and the bottom of your guild.

Members at the top of your guild will often have plenty of characters to spare for platoon donations. They should set up several give units out of their surplus to help weaker members to not have to donate so much.

Members at the bottom of the guild often don't have a lot of spare characters, and may even be asked to donate from their CM teams. They should set up several keep units in order to protect their CM teams as much as possible.

Assignment Display

As an indication to the guild that you have chosen to willingly give your characters or ships, an asterisk * will be prefixed to the corresponding assignment in the public assignment post. The guild thanks you for your sacrifice (or they should, anyway).

In the case where EchoBase has been forced to assign one of the toons you wanted to keep, as an indication to the guild that you desire that your toon not have to be donated, the word HELP! will appear next to your assignment.

The word HELP! is shown is for two reasons:

  1. Someone might not yet be synced with EchoBase who could fill the assignment instead.

  2. In rare cases, someone might be able to unlock the required star level for the required toon, but EchoBase won't know until that person's roster is synced to show the new star level.

Each guild member is still responsible for filling their assignments, even if they set a donation preference tokeep for a unit, unless the guild decides otherwise. Seeing HELP! means that assignment is EchoBase's last resort, and the platoon will not get filled without it.

Legacy Command

eb.{allyCode}.donationpreference <give|default|keep> <unit|faction|"all">

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