The only reason I am able to provide EchoBase for free is because of those who have decided to donate.

If you believe in this product and have benefited from its services, please consider being a part of the community of donors!

Ways to Donate


Access to exclusive Discord content, and see specifically how your donation is helping me accomplish my goals for EchoBase.


One-time or recurring payments, does not require a PayPal account.

DigitalOcean Referral

EchoBase is hosted on the cloud platform DigitalOcean. If you are looking to host something of your own, and you have never signed up with DigitalOcean before, simply use my referral link to sign up! You'll get $10 in free DO credit just for using the link, and DO will give me a referral bonus once you've used $25 of their services, which will be applied directly to my monthly EchoBase hosting costs.

EchoBase's referral link:

We both get money this way! It's a win-win!