Let's discuss how the site works and where things are.

This link is always here, and will always take you back to the home screen in case you get lost!


Tool Picker

This indicates which tool is currently active. Expanding the dropdown reveals all tools, and allows you to navigate to any of them.

Logged-in guild / Ignore List

This shows which guild is currently logged in. In the example above, the logged in guild happens to be the great group of people that make up my guild, TheYoungApprentices.

Click on the guild name to see a list of every guild member that EchoBase knows about.

Someone on vacation? Maybe someone else can't follow assignments even if you spoon-fed them? Just Ignore them!

Simply select their names from the dropdown list and it will be as if they never existed. The assignment tools will not consider their character rosters.

The number of ignored members will show up next to the guild name, always reminding you in case you need to un-ignore them. To un-ignore someone, find their name in the list again (they will be highlighted in yellow) and select them again.

Ignored members will not receive assignments, be tagged with @mentions, or be sent Direct Messages from the bot.

Soft-Refresh Guild Info

Is your guild membership out of date from what the EchoStation bot says? Click the refresh button to pull fresh info from the EchoBase database. You will receive a confirmation popup like the one below, including guild name and number of members that are synced with that guild.

This does not cause a full guild refresh to happen by pulling everyone's data from the API. This simply updates the screen with any updated data that the database might have received since the last time the page was loaded.


The Settings page is where you'll be given the chance to opt in or out of certain features, and is detailed in the following article:


Log out

Use this link to log out of EchoBase. You will need to do this if you want to log in using a different guild.

Goodbye for now, but hopefully not for long!

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