There is a post for assignments, but the assignments aren't showing up. Why?

Turn on this setting in Discord: User Settings > Text & Images > Link Preview

Why are my guild mates receiving @mentions or DMs but not me?

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My guild has switched Discord servers, or I accidentally registered my guild in the wrong Discord server. Help!

After inviting EchoStation into the correct Discord server, you can use the eb.registerguild command to tell EchoBase that your guild is in a different server. It will forget the old server.


You can do this as many times as you need.

Is EchoStation compatible with guild Alliances that share a single Discord server?

Absolutely! If any guild wants to register with EchoStation, even after it has been invited to your alliance server, they should use the eb.registerguild command and they'll be good to go.


How do I invite the EchoStation bot to my Discord server?

If you are an admin of your server, use this link. Otherwise, give this link to an admin.


Why does the EchoStation bot look like it is offline?

A bot will appear offline in a Discord server when the server that is hosting the bot stops communicating with Discord, likely due to the server being down, or even crashed. There are a couple of possible reasons for this.

  • I might be in the middle of releasing an update. If this is the case, typically, you'll see EchoStation come back online within a minute or two. You can always check the public Discord server for release activity.

  • If I'm not releasing anything and the bot is offline, the server is down unexpectedly and I need to be notified so that I can bring it back online. Please log into the public Discord server and let me know what's going on.


How do I access the TB Platoon Assigner?

Log in to https://echobase.app using your ally code, and navigate to TB Platoon Assigner.

Why is the Platoon Assigner submit button disabled?

In order to submit a phase for assignments, 100% of the platoon requirements must be filled out or ignored. Also, you must either choose a Discord channel or a webhook URL in your settings so that the assignments can be posted.

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Can I upload screenshots to the platoon assigner that were taken from an emulator?

Yes. However, please be sure the screenshots are consistent with the guidelines in the following article. Basically, just make sure the screenshot is of the entire contents of the game screen - nothing more, nothing less. It is best to use your emulator to take the screenshot for you, rather than trying to measure your own screenshots (like when using the Windows Snipping Tool, for example).

pageUploading Screenshots

Is there a mobile app version of EchoBase?

No, but.. sort of. Follow these steps in your mobile browser to create a real app feel!

  • iOS Safari

    • tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen

    • select Add to Home Screen

  • Chrome for Android

    • tap the Menu button at the top of the screen

    • select Add to Home Screen

How do I get an Echo Role? (EchoCommander, EchoAdmin, etc.)

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