Register an ally code to link it with a Discord user.

You can use this command to link an ally code to a Discord user.

This will allow many of EchoBase's features to work for your user, including assignment DMs, setting of donation preferences, and so much more.

/register player

To register yourself, simply provide your ally code. The bot will grab your Discord user and register it automatically.

By providing a @mention, you can register an ally code to someone else. Please note that this will require the appropriate Echo Role.

Global Discord Registry

EchoBase is a participant in the global Discord registry, which is hosted by https://swgoh.help. This means that by registering your ally code/Discord user via EchoBase, you are automatically registered for all of the other tools that participate in the global registry. Woohoo! Cool stuff rocks!

Legacy Command


Registering someone else via the @mention option is restricted to those with an Echo Role only.

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