Ignoring Platoons

This is a helper utility that allows you to tell the platoon assigner to not make any assignments for the specified platoon or squadron.

Platoon Ignoring

Platoon requirements do not need to be filled out in an ignored platoon. Any requirements that are filled out will be ignored by the platoon assigner.

Choosing to ignore a platoon or squadron will result in none of the requirements inside of it to be considered when calculating for the guild which collectibles need to be worked on.

Mission Ignoring

If you'd like to ignore all platoons for a given mission, head up to the Mission Utility Menu and choose Ignore this mission.

Platoon Un-ignoring

After including a previously ignored platoon, all of the requirements for that platoon must be filled out, or you must ignore the platoon again, in order to submit for assignments.

Mission Un-ignoring

Just like ignoring all platoons for a mission is possible, so is including all platoons for a mission. In the Mission Utility Menu, choose Include this mission.

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