Set a guild member's ignore status.

Command definition

eb.{allyCode}.ignore <numberOfDaysIgnored>
number of days ignored
eb.ignore 1
eb.ig 1
number of days ignored
ally code
eb.123456789.ignore 7
eb.123456789.ig 7
un-ignore is 0
eb.ignore 0
eb.ig 0
help ignore ig
Out of town? Unavailable? Hate platooning? Ignore yourself for a set amount of days.
After the amount of days has passed, the ignore status will automatically be dropped. In order to manually remove an ignore status, run the command again and pass "0" for the number of days.
Specifying an ally code will allow you to ignore that player.
Ignoring someone else via their ally code is restricted to those with an Echo Role only.
Last modified 4yr ago