Clearing Requirements

Sometimes you need or want to clear out some requirements.

Requirement Dialog

The creators of the game have been known to change their "static" platoon requirements after telling everyone what they would be. If this is the case and EchoBase is wrong about a single requirement, you might want to clear out that one until you know what it should be instead. This is most easily done with the Requirement Dialog.
Clearing a single requirement via the Requirement Dialog

Platoon/Squadron clear

Oops, did you upload a screenshot to the wrong platoon on accident? Drop down a platoon's Utility Menu and click the "Clear all platoon/squadron requirements" utility to erase all the requirements in that single platoon or squadron.
Clearing requirements for a single squadron via the Platoon Utility Menu

Mission clear

Drop down a mission's Utility Menu and click the "Clear all mission requirements" utility to erase all the requirements for that mission. This will make the progress bar for that mission go back to 0.
This will erase all requirements for the entire mission. Make sure that is what you want to happen before doing it.
Clearing all requirements for a mission via the Mission Utility Menu