Uploading Screenshots

The fastest way to fill out platoon requirements!

Single screenshot upload

Single screenshot upload via the platoon utility menu
After expanding the menu under the Platoon name, the "Upload a screenshot" option will appear, allowing you to upload a screenshot for EchoBase to scan for requirements.
The requirements that are found within that screenshot will be automatically filled out in that platoon.
If you upload a screenshot to a platoon, but the screenshot is of a different platoon, EchoBase will still fill out the requirements for you, but tell you where it belongs instead.
Bonus: If you are using a desktop computer, you can drag-n-drop a screenshot image onto a platoon in order to upload it.

Multiple screenshot upload

Multiple screenshot upload via the mission utility menu
After expanding the menu under the Mission name, the "Upload multiple screenshots" option will appear, allowing you to upload up to all 6 screenshots for a given mission.
Don't worry about selecting your images in order, EchoBase will be able to tell which screenshot goes where and will place them accordingly, within the mission you uploaded them to.
Bonus: If you are using a desktop computer, you can drag-n-drop multiple screenshot images onto a mission header in order to upload them.
Sometimes network issues will prevent a single screenshot from being uploaded, even when the others are successful. You can upload that image again through either the Multiple Upload button or the Single Upload button.

Example screenshots

A screenshot must be complete. That is, do not crop the image in any way.
  • The highlighted platoon on either the left or right side must be clearly visible.
  • The box of requirements in the middle of the screen must have loaded fully before the screenshot was taken. (AKA don't take the screenshot while the screen is still "fading in" since this messes up the colors and makes the platoon assigner not be able to recognize faces)
Example of a valid screenshot, taken from a Pixel XL
If your screenshot contains slots that have already been taken by guild members, that's okay! You can upload it and EchoBase should still be able to recognize it.
Example of a screenshot of a platoon that has been partially filled out, taken from an iPhone X

Incorrect results

If EchoBase is ever wrong about a requirement that it finds in your screenshot (this should be very rare, as long as you are using a properly formatted screenshot), you can use the Requirement Dialog to correct it manually. Also, please let me know in the public Discord server so I can fix whatever is wrong in the future. Please be prepared to provide me with the screenshot that was read incorrectly.